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Asset Renewal Program (ARP)

Starting in 2009, the SLSDC initiated its multi-year U.S. Seaway Asset Renewal Program (ARP) for its navigation infrastructure and facilities.  The ARP projects and equipment included in the ARP Capital Investment Plan (CIP) address various needs for the two U.S. Seaway locks, the Seaway International Bridge connecting Ontario and New York, maintenance dredging, operational systems, and Corporation facilities and equipment.  None of these investments will result in increases to the authorized depth or width of the navigation channel or to the size of the two existing U.S. locks.  The ARP marks the first time in the Seaway’s history that a coordinated effort to repair and modernize the U.S. Seaway infrastructure has taken place.

For the FY 2016-2020 period, the Seaway ARP/CIP includes 45 separate ARP projects and equipment estimated at $98.9 million with total funding for each year of the plan constrained to funding targets for those years as approved by the Secretary and subject to annual appropriations. The dollar amounts for ARP projects are “project feasibility” estimates that can vary by an industry-recognized standard of 20-30 percent.  Project estimates and schedules may fluctuate at various points in the lifespan of the ARP and will be revised as needed and on a continuing basis throughout the length of the ARP.

In the first six years of ARP funding (FYs 2009-2014), the SLSDC obligated $94 million on more than 43 separate projects. These projects included maintenance dredging in the U.S. portion of the Seaway navigation channel, lock culvert valve machinery upgrade to hydraulic operation, structural rehabilitation and corrosion prevention work on the Seaway International Bridge, gatelifter upgrades, and miter gate rehabilitation, as well as various other structural and equipment repairs and/or replacement.

The SLSDC’s ARP is resulting in not only modernized infrastructure and new equipment to ensure the long-term reliability of the St. Lawrence Seaway, but it is also having a positive and significant impact on the Upstate New York economy. In fact, approximately two-thirds of the ARP funds obligated during the program’s first six years, totaling more than $60 million, were awarded within the region. In addition to these contracts, the ARP is producing $1.5-$2.5 million in additional economic benefits to the region (local permanent and temporary hires, local spending on supplies and equipment, lodging, meals, etc.) each year.

SLSDC FY 2016-20 Asset Renewal Program (ARP) Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

ARP Reports to the U.S. Congress